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Aliza Pearl


Actor, writer, producer, & your “go to” space geek.

In addition to playing heroines, villains, love interests, and rebels with Ripley Improv, Aliza Pearl is an actor, writer, and producer. Aliza has appeared in many commercials and TV shows such as “House of Lies,” “Days of Our Lives,” and most recently worked on “New Girl.” She received the Best Teleplay writing award at the Urbanworld Film Festival for TV pilot “Whitehall.” Aliza created upcoming sci-fi digital series “The Listener: Spectral Awakening.” Inspired by the Star Trek character Guinan and starring Aliza as the main character, “The Listener” has garnered praise, excitement, and a growing following. Aliza studies and performs improv at Impro Theatre and UCB.

Twitter: @alizapearl & @listenerseries
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Facebook: @ AlizaPearlCreates & ListenerSeries