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Day 1 of filming. Suggestion: Quarantine.

Day 1 of filming. Suggestion: Quarantine.

THANK YOU to all those who have donated and to those inspired to donate today!

The Ripley Series (5 days of shooting, 5 completely different, completely improvised films) are in the final stages of sound mixing & titles. We will submit to our first film festival as a series in the first weekend in August and announce the actual title of our series on our Twitter & Instagram very soon!

We are still in need of funds for festival submissions and paying our post-production artists. Will you donate today?

Sneak peek of “Quarantine”

The video below is a sound sample from day 1 of filming, featuring music from Alex Caan, one of our composers.
Sound is not yet mixed, nor is footage color corrected.



A completely improvised feature based on a suggestion, directed by Kelly Lohman. The Ripleys were both actors and writers, creating the characters and story in the moment. The camera improvised right alongside us, following the action and emotion of the scene.

We set out to capture one complete story. We gave ourselves five days to get "the one". Five different stories. Five set changes. Five wardrobe changes. And five suggestions to inspire them all. Each day provided something unique and special.

We have an anthology series!

The stories we ended up with are very different and yet they compliment each other beautifully. Which got us thinking… how could we pick just one as “the one”? Could we do more than just one story?

It is with great pleasure we announce we are not doing just one film: WE HAVE AN ANTHOLOGY SERIES! (Actual TITLE tba.) While we didn’t expect that we’d create an anthology series when we set out, we’re thrilled to follow in footsteps of heavy-hitters like “Black Mirror,” “Room 104,” or “Misfits & Monsters.”

We will begin submitting to festivals in August, and we have had our work cut out for us! We think you’ll be thrilled to see these stories side-by-side, and our ensemble cast and stellar crew really shine.


Wardrobe lineup. Day 1.

Suggestion: Quarantine.
Not pictured here Aliza Pearl and Sara Mountjoy-Pepka (pictured at top of page). Director, Kelly Lohman, decided to keep us separated before the shooting began to increase the tension in the narrative.


Wardrobe lineup. Day 2.

Suggestion: Community theatre.


Wardrobe lineup. Day 3.

Suggestion: Troup reunion.


Wardrobe lineup. Day 4.

Suggestion: Yoga Retreat.


Wardrobe lineup. Day 5.

Suggestion: Coven.