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Capital Thank Yous!


Thank you to all who attended “A Night at the Capital”.

Thanks for your support, your enthusiasm, and your help in defeating The Overlord!

#EveryoneIsGAVIN #PrettySureEveryoneWasAlsoTheOverlordAtOnePointOrAnother

Special thanks to…

Our Robot DJ, “Synclare” - CoRy Wyszynski
Head of door security, Merna Staunch - Alison Inconstanti
Overlordress of Hair & Beverages - Kristy Stakey
Prince “Parkour Master” Charles - Douglas Charles
Capital (and Resistance!) Photographer - Kathryn Brillhart
Our (cardboard) Security Robot - Nicholas Clark
Lifter of heavy objects, Doug “The Rug” Chugney - Paul Vonasek
Supplier of Sounds - Impro Theatre

Umm… what the heck was this event?! (You ask.)

On June 9th Ripley hosted a Dystopian Gala in a dystopian loft in DTLA. The gala featured a performance of our YA Dystopian Novel genre called DYSTOPIA as well as a screening of some of the raw footage from Ripley's anthology film series.

The costumes were AMAZING. In attendance were those representing the Overlord's elite and of course the resistance scum. Check out our instagram for pictures from the evening. Photos of costume contest winners coming soon!

All proceeds from the event went to the finishing funds for the Ripley films, currently in post-production.

Once again… THANK YOU to all our supporters. We can’t wait to do this again!