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Jessica Lynn Verdi


Actress, Improviser, Voice Over Artist, Nerd.

Jessica Lynn Verdi is an improviser, actress, social media influencer, and producer born and raised in Los Angeles. She has performed in improvised plays in the style of Tennessee Williams, Dorothy Parker, Nora Ephron, Inspector Morse, Star Trek: TNG, and more. Jessica is the producer, director, and a performer in “Actor’s Nightmare”, “X-Files UnClassified”, and Ripley’s “GLAM” at Impro Studio in Los Angeles. She is also the co-creator and host of “Flip the Script” podcast, a gender-flipped vintage radio show, and can be seen regularly on the Twitch channel Hyper RPG as Hannah from “Rat Queens” and Chrissy from “Bloodcurdling Tales from the Loop”. Jessica also spoke on the “How to be a Superstar Host” panel at San Diego Comic Convention and starred in a Buzzfeed video that recieved over 1 million views. Jessica can be heard as the voice of Best Buy for their most recent radio advertising campaign.

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