Awaken bravery. Embrace weird. Cultivate play.


Laurie Jones


Improviser, writer, director, and impact producer.
Just another volatile Klingon nurse, trying to keep it together.

Laurie Jones is a founding member of Wishbone Theatre Collective, performing in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Edinburgh. She has performed with Dream Theatre, Second City Conservatory, iO, Janus Theatre Company, and Chicago DCA Theatre.  She improvises regularly with Impro Theatre, Ripley Improv, and the Improvised Generation. Her most recent play, The Legacy of Amelia Aldean, is set to premiere at Magnetic Theatre in Fall of 2019. Laurie also impact produces for documentary films, including the Sundance awarding-winning film, Unrest. She has a BA from Clemson University and an MA from the University of York.