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Breaking News: Savit Launch Station Party Success Despite Alien/Zombie Outbreak

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While specific details are not being released about what took place, it is clear from second hand reports that Ripley’s Alien Immersive Halloween Party was "a lot of fun" even though "it was scary sometimes."

We're not exactly sure what that means, but if we know anything about the Savit, it's that the majority of their expeditions remain classified and it might be a while before any of our questions are answered.

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If you, or anyone you know, was at the Savit Launch Station last night, we ask that you share what evidence you have on your social media. Tag @ripley_improv on Instagram or @ripleyimprov on Twitter. Help us to expose their secrets, ya know... in case other people are interested in having a good time and being scared a little bit.

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Ripley Improv is in the middle of their two month run of ENCOUNTER at Impro Studio. Every Friday, experience a new unknown entity, completely improvised right before your eyes. So come and see it! Thanks for partying at the Launch Station!